The Mama

Hi!  I’m Amy, the voice behind Whole Mama, although, if you ask my kids, they’ll tell you I can be anything from a one-half mama to a one-twentieth mama, depending on the time of day or particular phase of the moon.

Here I write about the journey to wholeness.  I talk about broken families and broken hearts and the God who heals both.  I write about my own struggles with perfectionism, procrastination, self-diagnosed OCD, and my fear of throwing up.  This is the place I try to make sense of life, where I document God’s swashbuckling of fear, failure, and pain and where I am constantly on the prowl to find the innumerable ways He makes beauty from ashes.

But I don’t just write about brokenness, I also write about story, the great, big, wild story each and every one of us is living. My book, Story Mama: What Children’s Stories Teach Us About Life, Love, and Mothering continues the theme of story, using classic children’s literature as a jumping off spot for talking about various parenting issues, like how to get your child to eat his broccoli without either of you going to jail. I also talk about what these stories teach mamas about life in general, about facing our fears, chasing our dreams, and being the best, ‘whole-est’ mamas we can possibly be.

It’s a crazy journey…wanna come?


Here’s my tribe, all cleaned up:  Benjamin, Austen, Ian, Anna-Sophia, moi, Paul (Emily’s hubby), Emily, with Cooper and Elenia in front.



What started it all.

Truckers don’t be fooled. We clean up pretty nice, but life isn’t a photo shoot.

No one should ever look here and think, “That’s how it should be.” No matter how cute my kids are (she said humbly) or how Pinterest-worthy the ideas or photos, believe me, we’re just an ordinary family fighting through life like everyone else.

In fact, during this photo shoot we had no fewer than four arguments, two hurt feelings, and five kids frustrated that their kid brother was being his full-bodied self while we all wanted to finish up and go to Chili’s.

See? Real.

‘Cuz that’s all I got.

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